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101 facts about me

  1. my given name is Jamie Dyan
  2. i go by Jamie
  3. my birthday is april 6, 1977
  4. birthplace is Freeport, Tx
  5. nicknames i have are heimster, heim, Jame-o, James, CHEYENNE, and chey...not to mention a few choice others :o)
  6. zodiac sign is aries
  7. places i have lived are lake jackson, tyler, bullard, richwood, austin and round rock.....all in Texas
  8. right now i live in round rock *just outside of austin*
  9. degree i have is my associate of general studies from brazosport college
  10. am currently working on my bachelor of business administration with a major of management information systems (MIS) and a minor of accounting at the Univerisity of Texas at Austin
  11. i graduate MAY 20, 2000 *woooohoooooo*
  12. i'm short...5'2 1/2"
  13. my hair is well...a pain...color varies from medium to dark brown with red highlights...and yeah it's naturally curly *ugh*
  14. i have dark brown eyes
  15. fav part of my body is my nails
  16. drive a 1989 red my car!
  17. sometimes drive a camry
  18. after i graduate i want a toyota solara, toyota tacoma 4x4, or a vette
  19. my parents are still married after 28 years
  20. they are still in love
  21. have one sister named Jenna
  22. she's 15
  23. and is sickeningly cute but i love her despite that fact :o)
  24. we get along amazingly well
  25. she's one of my best friends
  26. my dream job is a tour manager
  27. what i'll actually end up doing is IT consulting
  28. favorite color is purple
  29. i can't draw to save my ass
  30. my singing is worse :)
  31. play 2 instruments
  32. clarinet
  33. and sax
  34. am trying to teach myself guitar
  35.'s going slow but it's fun!
  36. i'd love to learn piano as well
  37. my sis has a drum set that i bang around on about stress relief!
  38. i LOVE all kinds of music
  39. for years country was my favorite but now i think rock has taken its place
  40. i listen to every type of music...check out my cd collection in the music section
  41. fanclubs i have belonged to are reba mcentire and heart
  42. YES i said heart
  43. they are my FAVORITE band
  44. it's a long story as to how i got to listening to them...if you're interested in knowing just ask :)
  45. hearing live music is my favorite thing to do
  46. i used to go to about 10-15 concerts a year
  47. but now...
  48. i'm a broke college student
  49. so i stick to local clubs
  50. unless i can't pass up the chance to see an awesome band
  51. my favorite non-alcoholic drink is dr. pepper
  52. i occassionally go on kicks where I crave's so bizarre
  53. i can go through a case of it in 2 days
  54. my favorite alcohol is rum
  55. my favorite alcoholic drink is a pina colada
  56. but i really don't drink often
  57. i'm a giggly drunk
  58. but if i drink too much my world spins
  59. THAT is a bad thing
  60. my worst addiction is smoking
  61. but i don't do it all the time
  62. i'm working on cutting down because i want to quit
  63. my favorite movie is tombstone
  64. i am in love with val kilmer's lips
  65. i think sam elliot is hot
  66. guys with crinkly lines by their eyes when they smile is a big turn on
  67. if a guy has long hair i'll pretty much melt
  68. i have a male nipple fettish...go figure
  69. i'm 22 and still single
  70. i am in love with someone
  71. but i have no idea what the future holds
  72. i do believe in true love and happy ever after
  73. i don't know if it exists for me
  74. when i was little i called myself barbara louise mandrell...i loved the mandrell sisters and couldn't decide which one i liked best so i combined the names :o)
  75. i went through a phase where i called everything turd *i was probably about 3 years old*
  76. i had a turd bird and a turd cat
  77. by the time i was 4, i had my own cow and calf, darlin and little boy
  78. i loved living in the country
  79. talking walks in the woods
  80. and hearing coyotes howling right outside the windows at night
  81. i think sleeping should be considered a hobby
  82. i love to stay up all night and sleep all day
  83. my mom is still waiting for me to sleep an entire night through so she can write it in my baby book
  84. needless to say i'm a restless sleeper
  85. i think having someone hold you throughout the night is the most wonderful feeling in the world
  86. i believe in ghosts
  87. 2 houses i've lived in have been haunted
  88. i love the rain
  89. best thing to do on a rainy night is curl up in bed with a good smut book
  90. i know you're thinking best? bear with me..i still have a big v on my forehead ok?
  91. i want a tattoo
  92. i'd get it on my left shoulder blade
  93. i can't decide between a dragonfly or some kind of abstract design
  94. i want my eyebrow pierced
  95. would love to put blonde streaks through my hair because i think it would look neat curled up in my curls with the brown
  96. i hate rude people
  97. i'm very shy when i first meet people
  98. am SUPER sarcastic
  99. i wish people would not judge people for what they look like..but instead for who they are!!!!
  100. when i love, i love with all my heart, no matter the consequences...i think if you don't, you're not being fair to yourself or the other person
  101. i never thought i'd make 101 facts but i did :o)