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I just gotta tell you how great it feels to stand beside Nancy "F'n" Wilson as an instrumentalist as well as a singer.

I love to look out there and see in the faces of the people that they are flying.

I like meet and greets. It's wonderful to see the whites of people's eyes and hear them in person.

I think a lot of younger people are coming out to look for the roots of female rock. It's cool to have multiple generations under one roof.

To feel that maybe some lyrics I've written or a song I've sung reaches into someone's soul and makes the sun rise there is one of the best feelings I can have. This is miracle of music, and it fills me as it does you.

the thing about get used to having a "wig-hat" sewn onto your head and when they come off you feel strange...sort of like a pin head.

We love you all. Thanks. See you out there!