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date: August 10, 1999

time: 6:47 a.m.

taaaadaaaaa! voila! and whatever else you want to say. i am done done done with my page. i guess it took me about a week to get it how i wanted it. well a week to make it presentable to other people, i'll continually be working on it. until school starts.

i have a feeling this fall semester is going to kick my ass all over the place. i'm going to be running every day. i have 3 events to attend the first 3 days of school...along with starting my readings and getting into the school routine. i also need to set up meetings with the career services office and get my resume up to date and into the system so i can check to see when recruiters are coming to campus..dear god save me.

i am terrified of my impending interviews. there is so much to prepare for...and i guess i'm just scared of not having an answer to a question they ask. i'm sure after a few of them, i'll have things down better..but right now it's one of those unknown fears!!!

i found out last night that meet and greets to two of the concerts i'm going to have been added back...YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! talk about boucing off the walls...i was zingin around all over the place!!! it's so frickin EXCITING!!!! even jenna though she won't admit it to really excited! first words out of her mouth were oh my god what am i gonna wear? *LOL* she's too funny!

jenna and i are going to try to stay up all day to get our days and nights straight. we have a lot to get done, getting the oil changed in the truck, more shopping, and we have to have something new to wear :o) and hey if mom and dad want to buy..more power to them. i'm all for it!

i guess that's all i have to say at the moment..have no clue what i'm going to do for a few more hours until things open i'm off to surf the net.