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date: August 2, 1999

time: 3:38 a.m.

i still can't believe that i have decided to do a journal on my page. first of all, i am not that big of a writer. about the only time you'll catch me writing is about this time of night the day before i have a paper due. second of all, i have never in my life kept a journal...i just didn't get the point of writing and writing and writing. in my opinion..too much work.

after my sis told me about her journal online, i thought i was just pretty damn a year later or so, i started mine. yes..procrastination is a good thing.

god i am getting so first Heart concert..or ann and nancy wilson concert is in OH MY GOD 9 days!!!!! i bought the tickets back in may i think it was and i thought it would never get here. i still don't have anybody to go with me to that concert yet, but i have a feeling my sister is going to wind up going..which is cool because she likes heart.

today was a pretty mellow day. i am loving every day of my vacation so far. i've been staying up all night and sleeping til around 2 in the afternoon. in my opinion, it doesn't get any better than that.

i got a surprise phone call today that really just kinda made the day better than it would have been. i love knowing that someone took the time to call me because they wanted to just say hi :o)

i spent the latter part of the evening washing the camry and our truck with mom and jenna. i got the vacuuming part because i REFUSED to go onto the grass to wash the cars.

i have this thing about wet grass *shudder* it makes me just want to go nuts if i think about it *ugh* god! my mom said that when i was a baby i didn't even like to walk on grass barefoot...grass is fine long as it's not wet. worst thing is when it gets between your toes *GAG* ok i have to move on before i give myself the heebejeebees or however you spell it.

it feels good to know i'm getting close to finishing my page. the hardest part is going to be making the heart page because i really just want it to kick ass..we'll see how it turns out.

i really owe jenna for getting her to help me out. i am constantly asking for her approval on how things look...or why is it not working?? she's so patient with me..i should take her and buy her something..maybe i'll surprise her with a cd...i think i may do that :o)

well i think i've rambled enough for tonight...i gotta work on formatting my page a bit and check out the show times tomorrow for runaway bride since i'm going to see it. also gotta track down the acoustic guitar mag tomorrow because nancy is on the cover....such priorities i have in life....ahh well :o)

we'll see how this journal thingie goes...who knows how i'll be about writing regularly. time will only tell.