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date: August 24, 1999

time: 11:22 p.m.

well it's finally here... the night before school starts. i cannot believe this summer is over. where it went, who knows!!! 9 weeks was spent in summer school then i was so excited because i had a month to relax. not to say i didn't enjoy my month off, it just went too damn fast!

the first two weeks of my "official" vacation were spent working on a webpage, hanging out with friends some, and anticipating the impending concerts..ann and nancy. next thing i know it's time for the concerts...i drive over 1200 miles in less than a week, see 3 terrific concerts, spend 4 more days with one of my best friends, spend the next 5 days sicker than sick...and now school starts tomorrow.

this is so weird thiking that it will be the last fall semester i ever have in college. it is another step toward me truly becoming an adult...responsible for every aspect of my life...especially the areas concerning my monetary postion...god save us all! just pray i get a good job *LOL*

i wanted to type up my reviews of the heart concerts yesterday but that sure wasn't happening. i had a hard time holding my head up for longer than an hour at a time...and even then i was draggin butt and all out of it.

i woke up yesterday morning around 6:30 i guess it was. i guess you can call it waking up considering i hardly slept all night. i felt awful...everything on me hurt. my head was pounding, behind my eyes hurt, my eyes were watering and felt swollen and droopy, i was congested, sore throat, sneezing, coughing, my stomach felt just weird and my body hurt all over..great way to wake up feeling!

i finally fell back asleep around 9:30 i guess it was and slept til 2 pm. my mom was sooo sweet. she could tell i felt awful and she made chicken soup for me, although i couldn't eat it because i still felt so bad. i took some more medicine, smeared vicks all over me and went back to sleep in the chair in the living room with a heating pad on my chest *pitiful right?* i couldn't sleep in my bed because everytime i laid down, i got sitting up and sleeping it was.

i got up around 7 that evening and managed to eat a little bit of the soup...then i talked with my family for a while and decided to get online and check email and stuff. the person i had missed so much for a week and a half got online and we honestly didn't talk except to argue about something i'm still not sure i understand what it was about. i didn't feel like fighting and it just hurt my feelings that this person didn't seem to want to talk to me other than to fight. i couldn't help but wonder if it means they're sick and tired of me and didn't miss me at all *sigh* after they got offline, i finished checking email and went back to bed...well back to the chair actually.

i woke up this afternoon feeling so much better. i still feel like hell but i'm alive :o) since i've been sick dad decided i deserved a cd * isn't he sweet? :o) * and i wanted to get out of the house since i felt human again.

mom, jenna, and i headed out to cd wherehouse because i wanted to pick up heart's private audition album..they didn't have it which bummed me. i can't get the song 'city's burning' out of my head and i want to know the WORDS! *L* that helps just a lil bit! next we stopped at bevo's bookstore to grab a math book for jenna...she's moving on up to intermediate algebra this year...good thing i'll be around to play tutor, although she's so smart she will prob be fine teaching herself. we then went to office max so i could pick up school supplies, since i do start tomorrow and all. then we hit hasting's to try once more to find my cd...they didn't have it either :o( so i opted for a computer game called 'tomb raider' i know they also have it for sony's playstation since i got hooked on it at carli and trevor's. the last stop was albertson's to pick up dad's prescription.

this evening we made cookies and i played tomb raider. i finished the first level and figured that was plenty for the night. plus it was getting close to the live cybercast of ann and nancy's concert from las vegas...but unfortunately it got delayed until tomorrow night, but it gives me something to look forward to tomorrow.

god i still need to clean my room and get tomorrow's books ready...back to the grind i guess it is. at least my 2 mis classes are tomorrow and my friend amy is in there. i haven't talked to her since our final exam this summer so we'll have some catching up to do. room is calling my name...hopefully tomorrow i'll get one concert review written. i need to do it before i FORGET! ok i will do it..more tomorrow :o)