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date: August 2, 1999

time: 3:24 a.m.

ah god i love this song. my candlebox cd is playing on the comp right now and far behind just came on. i don't know what it is about this song but it just gets me...makes me wanna jump somebody's bones...somebody in particular but that's another story all together.

today was just a really cool day. i found out tonight that i made an A in my programming class..yea!!!!! my hard work paid off! i can't tell you how excited i am about having doing well in there! it was a butt-ass hard class!

PLUS earlier today, i did something i've never done before. tiff called me around 2 and woke me up and asked if i still wanted to go to the movies to see runaway bride. after turning off my stereo *thinking it was the source of the annoying ringing sound* and mumbling random nonsense to tiff, i got with the program and told her yeah, to come on up here and let's go!

tiff got here and we looked at movie times. we decided that since the movie theater here in round rock is so cheap that we would make it a double feature kind of day. we got to the theater and got our tickets for lake placid for only $2. granted, it's not stadium seating or the biggest screen but for $2 who gives a rat's ass? after that was over, we bought another ticket to watch runaway bride..and that was only $4 because it was after 6pm. talk about a cheap entertainment for the day!

lake placid was a pretty good movie. i definitely jumped a few times and realized i was squirming in my chair trying to HELP the people get away from the big ass croc. seeing betty white cuss and root for the crocodile was worth going to see it the people were sooo sarcastic. i loved that :o) there was a surprise toward the end of the movie that i thought was pretty cool so that added to me liking the movie.

runaway bride was just an absolutely GREAT movie. i can't believe the papers gave it such bum reviews. by all means, since it doesn't involve aliens, killing people, or these all-out extensive special effects give it a bad rating *rolling my eyes* that is so retarded..i think the other strike against it was the fact it was a romantic comedy. well, newsflash for those dumbasses that rated it. i think it was one of the cutest, funniest shows i've watched in a long time. julia roberts was absolutely adorable and seeing richard gere acting semi-goofy at times was great! i would love to go and see it again..and that coming from me, the non-movie person that i am...that should say something in itself.

i am still waiting to go pick up my copy of acoustic guitar mag...but i'm supposed to go spend the afternoon with tiffany tomorrow, so we'll hit barnes and noble to see if they have it.

found out drew is supposed to spend the night here tomorrow has been a long long time since he and i have gotten to spend any time together. for those that don't know, drew is my cousin and he and i shared one side of a duplex for a year. since he's moved to go to med school we don't get to talk like we used to and that bums me.
talked with matt on the phone tonight...he was laughing when he answered the phone...i like to hear his laugh. it makes me smile! it's hard to believe i've been talking to him for so long..and we've gone through pretty much hell and back *a few times* and are still talking. sometimes i can't get enough of him....that scares the hell out of me that i have feelings for someone like that..but we won't go there.... it amazes me i've felt this way for a long time and my parents still don't know it. how do i get myself in such situations?

i haven't done a damn thing on my page today so i think it's time i started working on it. i want to get a good start on the heart page tonight..maybe add some photos in my pic section...we'll see.

time to put in a heart cd for inspiration...i think dog & butterfly is the to work.