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date: August 5, 1999

time: 2:54 a.m.

i am sitting here completely frustrated. everything on this page is done except for the heart section. i guess i just really don't know where to start because it want it to kick butt. when people enter the heart area...i want it to be something unique from my page and unique from any other heart page that is out there. talk about tough...especially since i'm not very creative at all. i'll be begging for jenna's help in a few minutes.

i'm getting nervous at the thought of letting people see what i've done on here. i like building webpages and seeing what i can do *with help from jen every once in a while*'s a little bit of an creative side of me that doesn't show alll that often. now if only a great idea will pop into my head and inspire me.

it would be so nice to get my days and nights straightened out. at least i was up by 2 p.m. sure beats 6 p.m. like the day before!

my sister made me laugh so heard earlier today!! she slept in my room last night because drew was visiting and he was sleeping in her room. this morning around 10:30 a.m. my phone rang. jenna was on the side of the bed closest to the phone, so i figured she would get it...which she did...eventually. the phone rang about 3 times before it really pulled jenna into a somewhat conscious state. she sat up and picked the phone up out of its cradle and kinda looked at it like what is making this damn noise! she then took the cordless and cuddled it up next to her and laid back down without ever saying a word to the person if it was bliss just to not have that noise bothering her. i am assuming the person calling finally gave up and needless to say, a few minutes later that annoying, you didn't hang me up right, noise was coming from the phone. THIS finally woke jenna up.

i asked her...why didn't you say anything to whoever was calling..she looked at me all annoyed and said "nobody called jamie" i said jen...look at my caller's flashing and there is a new call on it..and besides..why the hell would you pick up the phone for no reason??? next thing you know we're both giggling...then poof back to sleep. and wouldn't you know phone rang twice more and kept waking us up..but you can bet i answered the phone this time!!!

carli called me today and told me that she couldn't go to the heart concert with me in ft. worth. but she still is going to the one in houston so that's cool. if anything, jenna will just hit 2 of the shows with me. she doesn't mind!

i'm getting to the point where i'm so excited i know i'm going to make myself sick. i ALWAYS do this right before concerts that i really really want to go to. i just can't believe the time is almost here. in 6 days, i'm going to be driving up to ft worth and catching my first ever ann and nancy show. i think so much about their musical ability, i don't care if they sang the phone book..i think i would be in heaven. i just wish they would add in one meet and greet in texas somewhere. since they're in ft worth 2 nights they'll prob have one the first night...and i'll be there the 2nd night..i'm thinking this is how it will luck.

after the ft worth show, i'm driving back to austin that night. then the next day, i'm getting up semi early and driving to san antonio for my 2nd show. i have 4th row seats ...too awesome! after the san antonio concert, there is going to be a get together of'll be great to meet some people from the heart bulletin board. after the get together, jenna and i will drive back to austin for the night and pack. we're leaving the 13th to go to lake jackson...then the night of the 14th, carli and i are going to the show in houston. it'll be a lot of time in the car, but it'll be worth it!

with this being my last summer as a college student and before i have to become a responsible adult, i figured why not do something i always wanted to do...follow a band around. so i'm doing it. this time next year it'll be the old 9 to 5 routine..but at least i won't be so damn broke :o)

nothing too special happened today other than i got to talk to matt for a little bit. he said i can't put his pic on here which kinda sucks but i can understand that..maybe i can talk him into it. it's nice talking to him on a regular basis :o)

becca called today and said she needed help with her business calculus and asked me to tutor her some more...i love tutoring...i miss my old job. explaining something to people that don't have a clue and then suddenly see the light come on in their eyes is the most awesome feeling in the world. it's a damn shame teaching doesn't pay more because i'd love nothing more than to teach algebra II to kids. ah well...MIS will give me double the look out consulting people here i come. scary f'in thought if you ask me. hell my mom still does my laundry *LOL*

jenna is urging me to start on the heart here goes nothing guys. hope it turns out well.