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date: August 6, 1999

time: 4:34 a.m.

once again i'm getting ready to head to bed and my page still isn't finished...i wish i could at least get the basics done so i can go in and add neat stuff. ah well, i have 4 days before i go out of town so i'm safe i suppose.

yesterday *the 5th* was a pretty noneventful day. I actually woke up at a decent my standards that is. considering i didn't go to sleep until 7 yesterday morning, i was up by 12:45.

i got up and wandered around the house for a bit...talked to my dad while he was trading the s&p..then had lunch. after the markets closed i hopped on dad's computer for a bit and worked on ideas for my page. THEN in the middle of the phone rang and my heart leapt into my throat...i was hoping it was a particular person, and it was such a GREAT surprise :o) after that, how could the day be bad?

the rest of the evening, i played on the comp some and talked to my sister...i love to bug her just so she gets all frustrated with me..but it's nothing's just joking around. she's a fiesty lil hoochie. wonder where she gets it from?

tiff called after she got off work...i found out i'm in the doghouse with amy. she thought i was out of town all this time since i finished up my final..oopsie. so i have to call her tomorrow and apologize. since i've finished up my class a week ago...i am just a stay at home kinda bum right now. i kinda needed time to chill out though so i won't apologize for what i needed. i think everybody needs a break from time to time.

ohh stitches by orgy just came on MTV. I LOVE this song. the first few times i listened to it, i did NOT like it, but i heard a different version and fell in love with it. if only i could figure out what he says after "tying yourself to me, stitch up my emptiness cuz you're the death of me" then he says something like "so precious living with you" or something like that. be nice to sing the right words and not mumble them :o)

oohh deana carter's new video...ever since i went to the filming of austin city limits and saw her, i really like her stuff. she just had this cute sassy personality and a voice that could bring tears to your eyes during some songs. i think it's cool her brother plays guitar in her has to help to have family on the road with you to help as your support system.

i emailed mix 94.7 yesterday. they said if we had a band we wanted to hear an hour of *from the 80s* to email them and explain i put on my heartmonger hat and wrote a letter to the morning dj's. i think it would just be too damn cool if they did decide to play heart on there. guess we'll find out *if the email even sent* my comp gave me weird error messages but then sent i think. go figure ..computers *ugh*

well i don't want to sleep all day tomorrow so it is this girls bedtime. time to go toss and turn for a bit. god is it the 11th yet? i am ready for ANN AND NANCY.