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date: August 8, 1999

time: 6:35 a.m.

well it's another morning of watching the sun come up. i'm starting to like morning time a lot better. watching the sunrise is just beautiful...until it starts shining through the windows in my eyes. then i kinda start to feel like a vampire and want to put my raybans on. if you haven't seen the commercial, you're probably wondering what the hell i'm talking about.

friday night was really fun..really interesting. my friend keisha was having some friends over and i hadn't seen her in a while, so off i went to party with keisha and friends, then head home. wrong!! some how we kinda wound up at another party a little later, then hanging out with some other people after that. it was just a really weird night. i met a lot of new people, but i'll never see them again...i mean a campus of 50-something thousand...doubtful!'s not like a bonded with anybody.

i just don't get some people when the go out. the whole point of their going out is to hook up with someone. i go to see my friends and maybe meet a few new people...but unless they're friends with my friends then i figure why waste time. plus i have come to the conclusion that i am just not good at small talk...but i think a lot of it is that sometimes i just don't like the impression the person gives and after that..i really don't care to talk to them. ah well..small talk is one thing i would love to improve upon.

sat, becca came over and i tutored her. well tried to at least. i got so frustrated with myself because derivatives were eating my lunch. it has been 2 years since i've done it, but damn..i used to fly through that stuff. i set the curve for my business calculus class. when i can't figure stuff like that out it just makes me feel stupid. i'm just pouty right now..i'll get over it.

sat evening i went to dinner with some friends and jenna, then we went to go see deep blue sea. those were some mean ass sharks i tell ya. i was very VERY surprised at the ending of the movie. ll cool j was just too cute in his role...he was crackin me up!!!

well my page is so close to being done. i just needed a break from it before i try to finish it up. i really think i can get very close to having it done before i go to bed in a few hours. i don't know, i may stay up all day to get my days and nights straight. guess we'll see. *doubt i will*

i am now down to three days til my first ann and nancy concert....sooo very close. the anticipation...i love it!!! oops my sheryl crow cd just finished up playing..time for a new one..i think i'll go with the dixie chicks. gotta change the cd then get back to work.