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why would anybody name a page addictions?

So many of you are probably looking at the name of this page and thinking to yourself, "addictions? why would she name a page addictions?" I figured a little explaining was in order so you don't get the wrong idea about my page.

I believe there are many addictions people face in life. Some may be bad, but I think there are good addictions as well. A few people are addicted to living healthy while others may be addicted to the life of a couch potato.

Being that this is a page about me, I figured what better way to let you learn about me than through the addictions in my life. I admit I have my share of bad addictions *we'll skip over most of these :oř * but I have quite a few addictions that I consider good. They make me happy so how can they be bad?

Enjoy looking around my page and learning addictions.