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music rules my life

i absolutely cannot get enough of music. when i go to bed at night, i leave my cd player going with 3 of my favorite cd's in it. lately it has been nancy wilson "live at mccabes guitar shop", heart "greatest hits", and three fish "the quiet table".

on the way to campus, the radio is blaring to help wake me up...the drive home is filled with more music. occassionally i'll take a few cd's to school to listen to while working in the computer labs.

i'd much rather listen to the radio than watch tv...and if i go to a cd store you can bet i'm going to walk out with one or two. my cd collection is growing FAST!

i listen to every genre of music there is, but i do have a few artists that i really really like...such as heart, reba mcentire, and a local band called the scabs. below are links to my cd collection, my cd reviews, and my heart page...check 'em out...

cd collection
my reviews