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what the term "rock star" means...It's sort of a humorous term to me, because it just conjures up every form of egomania or brattiness,

We had our wild streaks here and there . . . there would be stuff inside the hotel room that didn't work right that ended up in the toilet

We're all faced with a lot of curve balls and a lot of hardships in life. You have to be flexible and you need your sense of humor to survive it

I saw Led Zeppelin live for the first time when I was thirteen. I remember sitting there with Ann, and we were blushing 'cause they were so raw. It was disturbing yet alluring.

I also tried acrylic nails, but I played so much strong rhythm that there would be nails flying all over the place...

We were Beatles fans who wanted tobe the Beatles, not be their girlfriends

Ann has always been the watchdog on the business end, and I was the watchdog of the artistic bullshit meter