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date: October 28, 1999

time: 1:36 a.m.

man oh man it has been a long time since i've written anything for this journal. i honestly don't know where the time has gone. i was just reading some of my old entries and the last one talked about me going to play golf with dad and larry, which i did. seems like yesterday really. time just flies.

it is now well past midterms and i'm on the downside of the hill for this semester. unfortunately it's going to be the roughest part. i had to drop my accounting class which was really hard to do because it was like admitting defeat, but now i feel so much more in control of my life and school work. i have time to DO work for the other classes now...which is a good thing!!!

nothing really exciting has been happening at all. I go to school, go to meetings....come home and do some homework and occassionally head over to tiff's to get away from everything for a little bit.

i registered for next semester's classes yesterday. i'm a little apprehensive about my last semester because i'll be taking 15 hours. 3 courses are real ones and the others are electives that i hadn't taken instead of getting to take business electives for my major that would REALLY help me out, i am instead going to be taking kiddie literature and human sexuality. i do think i'll enjoy the human sex one just cuz. my other courses are fundamentals of taxation, some MIS class i have to take that i can't remember the name of, and object oriented application and design with java or some long title like that. the last three are going to be doozies. bet dad loves getting the tuition bill this semester *groan* although i can remind him it'll be the last one he gets. i think my parents are more excited about me graduating than i am.

this has been kind of a rocky week. one minute i'm happy and things are going great...two seconds later everything has go straight to hell and people are extremely agitated with me *namely my family* things have been good since i moved home in march but the last few weeks the tension has been really building. i really hate it because it reminds me of when i moved to austin when i first started ut. my dad and i had fought so much that i honestly didn't want to come home. i don't want to see that happen again but it looks like it's heading in that direction. best thing for me to do would be to get a job and get a place of my own...but will i? guess time will tell.

i am ready for dec 3rd to hit because i am done with school til the 17th of january or somewhere around then. it'll be nice to get away from school...visit friends and see a special friend of mine even if it is only for a little bit :o)

before i head to bed i need to update my cd list. i got the new chris cornell cd, british rock symphony which has ann wilson singing on it, and alice in chains dirt cd. they're all really good. i love music....if only i could make a living doing something with music...not necessarily playing but being involved in it. i don't care if it's making web pages for's just that music is truly the only passion i have in life.

my love life is the same ole same ole...nonexistant. should i be surprised? i think not! you'd think i'd be used to it after not having one for 22 yrs!!!!

well thank god it's almost friday cuz i need a break. i'm going with tiffany to her grandparents place. they live in this little tiny town on some land. they have cattle, a vineyard, 4-wheelers, and a cozy porch with a swing on it. pure heaven to me. i haven't been there since i was a soph or junior in high school and i'm really relaly looking forward to it. it's going to be a quiet weekend with tiff and her family. works for me!!!

i suppose i need to update the cd list and head out..have lots to do in the morning. i think i needed this time to write..vent...think about things...i never thought having a journal was worth anything but i was wrong...