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date: September 12, 1999

time: 2:06 a.m.

ok *guilty look* it has been wayyyyy too long since my last journal entry. school started and it's like they stuck it too me from day one. god i don't even know where to start because i have so much to say!

i'm quickly learning my semester is going to be a real tit-wringer as my dad says. i'm taking visual basic, applied data communications (networking), cost accounting, and managerial policy and strategy.

so far i visual basic is my favorite. this is my professors first year to teach although he's been in the software develop industry for 39 years..he's doing alright. he totally sounds like mr. howell from gilligan's island...and seems so layed back he almost seems comatose but then will pop out with this dry sense of humor and it makes class entertaining. i can completely follow the logic of VBA but i wish he would go more in depth on the standard format and explain more of what the basics mean. guess it'll mean a lot of reading on my own..i can do this..i hope :o)

my second favorite class is well i don't know...the other three kinda suck...but i guess i'll have to say networking. the material that i've read seems interesting but my prof is awful. this is also her first year to lucky can i get *ugh* she used to be a news reporter so i figured she would be a great lecturer. i swear this woman's elevator doesn't go quite to the top! she jumps from one topic to the next and is a complete scatterbrain. i don't get it though because she is obviously intelligent. i honestly think she just doesn't prepare for class. my friend amy is in there with me so it makes things bearable!!! our first test is in 2 1/2 weeks *ahhhh!!!!*

my management class comes third simply because the majority of my grade is based on participation...and anybody that knows me knows i HATE to talk in class. my prof is great and is really encouraging and i already talked with her about being nervous about speaking in class. she said she'd look out for me so that's cool :o) i am meeting some new people in this class because of the participation thing and i think the class is filled with really great people. i'm thinking as the semester progresses, i'll really really get into it. except for the writing component part and the presentations *G*

last on my list is cost accouting. i HATE this class. thankfully this class will fulfill the last 3 hours of accounting i need to get my minor. why i chose accounting as a minor god only knows!!! to the people that become accountants..god bless them! my prof is from ghana or however you spell it...and has an extremely strong accent. i focus on understanding him more than the material which makes things especially difficult. PLUS he assigns homework for EVERY class *ugh* but only randomly picks it up..which means you have to do all of stuff i tell ya! all i have to say is thank god i changed my major from this crap! MIS is sooo much better!!!

i've gotten to see a lot of my friends that i haven't seen in quite a while so that's always fun. i'm kind of sad this is my last year of college and we're all going to go our separate ways, but that's life right?

ohhhh jenna and i got a playstation!!!!! it is sooooo much fun! we got grand turismo and tomb raider. grand turismo just makes me laugh until i can't stand it anymore. especially when my mom is playing!! she cannot drive those cars to save her life and i can't race for laughing at's so cute! tomb raider is more of a strategy kind of game...i find myself playing for hours (when i can) however dorky that sounds *L* hi my name is jamie and i'm a playstation addict yadda yadda *G*

nothing too exciting has really been going on in my life. i went out this past wednesday with tiffany after a completely shitty day. we hit our hangout place and got drunk on margaritas....which made me giggly then i didn't give a rat's ass about anything. after we sobered up some we went back to her apartment and chilled out and just talked for a while. we both felt a lot better after laughing and being goofy together..that's what best friends are for right?

i went out tonight with tiff, farhaneh, and amy to watch the football game. we played rutgers and won, but the game was just really boring. we know the manager at the place we were at so we went upstairs and played darts for about an hour. THAT was so fun! it was the first time i'd played...i suck that is for sure *L* but i want to play again!

i'm sitting here listening to ann and nancy's live concert and i'm just diggin the music. i swear to god their interaction between each other reminds me so much of my sister and me. pretty scary! i can't wait til their new album comes out!!!

speaking of a & n, i got my pics developed and they turned out fairly decent. i'll have to scan them and post them on my page just cuz i'm proud i finally have pics of my own woohooo!!!

well it's now almost three and i've rambled my ass off *i wish!* i'm going to play golf with dad and my uncle larry tomorrow morning so that should be interesting since i haven't played in forever...but i'm excited!!!

i need to update my cd list then crash (2 new cd's!!) yea! soooo the heart concert reviews will have to wait just a bit longer but not too much cuz i'll forget....

senile at age 22, i swear.... *G*